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Day 1

 A lunch: Chicken nuggets, seasoned brown rice, roasted brussel sprouts, hummus, mini carrots, diced peaches and milk.

Girls' intramural tennis: meets every Tuesday and Thursday after school.

Physics Olympics Club: meets on Tuesday after school in room 361.
Yearbook Club: If you are interested in photography and would like to create this year's Franklin yearbook for your classmates, this club is for you!  We meet every Wednesday after school in room 179.

From the Recycling Club: Attention all students!  The Recycling Club meets every Tuesday after school with Mr. Lueth in room 185.  We need your help collecting  paper and recycling it. So, join the Recycling Club Tuesdays after school in 185. 

From the new Sustainable Earth Solutions Club: Attention all students!  Franklin Middle has a new club on Thursdays in room 179 - It's called the Sustainable Earth Solutions Club. Six Sustainable Earth Solutions Club members will be invited to a Youth Environmental Leadership Program summit in the spring.  Please join our club and perhaps you can join us on this field trip. 

SPCA Club: We meet once a month in room 352.  

Chain Links Club: If you are looking for a club to join that focuses on anti-bullying and doing good deeds for the community, then see Mr. Moore Monday the 27th at 3:30 in his room (195) for Chain Links.